Best Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now in 2022

Best Movies on Netflix

How do you plan your next best movies on Netflix? By going through the IMDB user ratings or checking out the different categories? Well, it doesn’t matter since there are thousands and thousands of best movies on Netflix waiting for you. And you just end up tired of not being able to decide what to watch. However, there are a plethora of options on Netflix in every possible genre. Hence, we will not run out of the best movies on Netflix anytime soon. Therefore, it can get pretty tough deciding what to watch next on Netflix. That’s why we are here, to guide you on what you add to your bucket list from Netflix.

Another amazing thing for you to enjoy is Netflix Party. You can stream these best movies on Netflix via the Netflix party. Therefore, all your friends can join your virtual watch party and enjoy the film together in sync. Hence, let’s start talking about the best movies on Netflix.



The latest Netflix original drama, The Unforgivable, is based on unforgiven British miniseries. However, the fantastic drama star Sandra Bullock ( the protagonist of Bird Box) plays the role of Ruth as an ex-convict. Therefore, it shows Ruth serving a long sentence for a violent crime and being released. Furthermore, the movie shows the tragic truth behind the current prison industrial complex and what ex-cons face in their lives. In addition to this, you can enjoy this fantastic movie with your friends by hosting a Netflix Party.



This movie definitely deserves to be in the best movies on Netflix. Moreover, this movie has the protagonist give herself the name – Lady Bird for the auditions of high school musicals. However, this movie is not the type that plays with your head. Instead, it shows you the truthfulness of life. Therefore, watch this movie on Netflix to know how a high schooler goes under the trails of love and self-discovery. Furthermore, you can also stream this movie with your girl gang despite the distance virtually. Therefore, install the Netflix party extension and watch in sync together.



The main star in the movie gets kidnapped from the movie set and hence starts the mystery. However, even though overwhelmed, the studio boss attempts to search for the lost star and tries to save the movie. You will watch how the lost star gets stuck in the hole of conspiracy. This movie by the Coen brothers once again proved that they show movies with something for everyone in them. However, you can also watch this comedy at a watch party with your friends. Every movie doubles up in fun when streamed with loved ones. Therefore, create a watch party on Netflix for free and enjoy together virtually in sync.



The Irishman is one of the best movies on Netflix, based on real-life incidents. Moreover, it shows the story of a mob hitman and World war II Veteran. Furthermore, if you have read Charles Brandt’s 2004 book – I Heard You Paint Houses, then you would know. Since the movie is based on a book. In addition to this, this movie shows how brutal and horrifying the star’s childhood was and how she tries to find safety in a world like this.



This iconic crime drama shows the real life of a drug dealer living in New York. It also has a cop who dedicates his life hunting him down. Moreover, even being a gangster movie, it focuses on casteism and racism, making this movie unique. In addition to this, the gangster smuggles heroin into the United States, returning from the Vietnam War into the American service planes. This movie deserves to be in the best movies on Netflix. Furthermore, you must try a Netflix party to virtually enjoy this gangster movie with your pals. The distance is not the issue with this tool, as you can host a watch party worldwide.