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Learn to Connect Netflix to your TV in 4 Steps

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For a low monthly fee, Netflix offers a large selection of movies, television series, and Netflix Original. Netflix may be viewed on any internet-connected device such as computer, smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, streaming device, or modern video game console. In this article we would guide you how to connect Netflix to TV. 

Through Netflix you can binge watch your favourite shows even on your TV via Chromecast device. Follow these simple steps to connect: 

1. Open the Netflix application and tap on the icon named as cast.

2. You’ll see an option Connect to device, click on the option and choose the choice of device you wish to watch on. 

3. When its connected the icon would turn blue and you will be able to see the Netflix screen on your TV. 

4. Play the movie or show you want to watch and enjoy.

You can also watch Netflix on your TV if you have Smart TV at your place. That’s the easiest way to watch Netflix now a days by just logging in. Read below to use Netflix on your Smart tv in few steps: 

1. Open smart TV apps: Select the Netflix icon through your remote by clicking enter or OK on the remote. 

2. Sign in to your Netflix account: Enter your Netflix email and password, then click Sign In.

Netflix log in ID Password is required. Sign up for Netflix online if you don't have one.

If you have multiple Netflix profiles, choose one. 

3. Search for the content you want to watch and play the video: Your TV remote can help you browse Netflix's menus and videos. Use the Select, Enter, or ok buttons on your remote to see the video's data. To watch a movie in its entirety, simply click on the Play icon and then use the Select, Enter, or ok button. Press the Select, Enter, or Ok button to play an episode of a TV show by selecting Seasons, then selecting a season and an episode. As long as the video is playing, you can use your remote to control playback.

Conclusion - Not only this you can also connect Netflix to your TV using gaming console, laptop , DVD player or cable TV subscription. Now a days PlayStation and Xbox consoles also have Netflix app pre downloaded. Even the cable operators provide subscription in their existing packages. If you want to watch it by connecting your laptop you just need to connect your laptop to your TV via HDMI cable and you are ready to use. 

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