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New Movies in Cinemas and on Netflix to Watch this January

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No wonder 2023 has already started, and you must be planning to occupy your January 2023 month by scheduling different movies for streaming. And here, the streaming platform that can work the best is the Netflix streaming platform. The reason is that it is filled with many amazing and user-friendly features that can amplify your streaming experience on Netflix Party. If you don’t know, the Netflix Party is a chrome extension that enables you to stream your favorite movies and shows with your distant friends and family members. And to make it happen, you need to install the Netflix Watch Party or Netflix party extension on your device. 

Interestingly, the Netflix streaming platform has a massive library filled with several tastes of new and classic films with an essence of regular change and flexibility. Furthermore, if you are still deciding what new movies you should watch this January 2023 with your friends on Netflix Party? Then, the below information can meet your expectations, as it is filled with relevant information that can ease your work.

What New Movies in Cinemas and on Netflix to Watch this January?

Here you have the brief information on four new upcoming movies on Netflix that you can enjoy watching on Netflix Party on TV. And these are: 

1. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

The first one is “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs,” which came out in 2018 with a duration of 132 min. This movie is based on Western comedy and drama, which Joel Coen and Ethan Coen direct. The main artists of the movie are stars Tim Blake Nelson, James Franco, and Zoe Kazan. Moreover, the audience gave 79% of M(Maturity) and a 7.3/10 IMDb rating. The reason to watch this movie on Netflix watch party via the Netflix Party extension is that the movie is a chorus of short films. 

The making of the entire movie takes place in the Wild West with the different characters. Interestingly, the major part of the movie covers the root-causing issues of today’s world, such as human corruption and injustice. Furthermore, the movie revolves around the main characters, and they are, first, Buster Scruggs, who is a sharpshooter, guitar-slinger, and cowboy roamer of the West, and singing of his adventures. Another one is a lonely prospector Tom Waits, who digs for his fortune.    

2. Bubble

Another movie to stream on Netflix Party is “Bubble,” which came out in 2022 with 56% of Maturity and 6.4/10 IMDb ratings. Besides, the entire duration of this animation, adventure, and science fiction-based movie is 101 min. Tetsuro Araki directs the movie “Bubble” with the teamwork of famous performers, including StarsJun Shison, Riria, and Alice Hirose. This animated movie's story features an “Attack on Titan” director and takes place in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo. 

Here, you can see a mysterious event that affected the laws of gravity. That results in discharging of strange bubbles and urban debris floating throughout the city. In the movie's second half, you can see the struggle for food and supplies, where a young man encounters a strange girl. Moreover, the movie took place during the exploration of the epicenter of the gravity-twisting “bubble event.” 

Later, the relationship between both of them changes the lives of everyone around them. Lastly, the climax of the movie focuses on a gorgeous spectacle of sounds and sights and Bubble bags. It is relevant to show the remarkably detailed scenes the characters contribute in traversing the aftermath city that went through the most thrilling and quietest moments.    

3. Gunpowder Milkshake 

The movie “Gunpowder Milkshake” is an action, crime, and thriller-based movie that came out in 2021. This movie is directed by Navot Papushado, along with the leading star cast of Karen Gillan, Lena Headey, and Chloe Coleman. If you don’t know, this movie got 47% M(Maturity) and a 6/10 IMDb rating from the audience after the release. The entire duration of the movie is 114 min. 

Streaming it on Netflix watch party via Netflix party extension only consumes a little bit of time with your brats. Moreover, in the movie, you can see the leading character Karen Gillan, who plays a lethal assassin. Later, she suddenly finds herself on the run, where she refuses to kill a young girl. From here, the story moves forward, where we see Gillan trying and fleeing some mysterious organization in order to end her contact with it. 

Suddenly, she finds an unexpected ally in the mother and a trio of brutally effective hitwomen. Lastly, the movie ends with the climax filled with impressive and nonstop action by leading ladies, which shows the true example of feminism. Now you can experience these action scenes on an HD screen on Netflix Party. 

4. Finding “Ohana”

The movie named “Finding “Ohana” is an action, adventure, comedy, and family movie that covers a duration of 123 min. Besides, this movie came out in 2021 and is now available on Netflix Party and got 69% M(Maturity) and 6.1/10 IMDb ratings by the audience. 

Jude Weng directs the movie with the teamwork of the star cast of Kea Perahu, Alex Aiono, and Lindsay Watson. Initially, the movie draws attention towards the Brooklyn life, Pilialoha “Pili” Kawena (Kea Peahu), and her family, who are traveling to Oahu to care for her ailing grandfather. And in this movie scene, you can notice the lack of big-city buzz and activity, which you may find disappointing.


When the story moves forward, they discover a pirate journal that alludes to an ancient treasure buried somewhere on the island. And from here, the movie scene shifts to a Hawaiian odyssey, where Pili and her older brother begin their quest for the trove. Later they realize that it connects them with their ancient island heritage. Now to know more about this family drama, don’t wait and install the Netflix Party extension now.

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